Our Mission

Pro-Israel America works to strengthen support for the U.S.-Israel relationship by independently:

-Promoting and supporting the election of pro-Israel candidates to federal office, regardless of party;

-Educating voters about pro-Israel candidates and their Congressional races; and

-Creating a simple, accessible, online portal for our members to make pro-Israel campaign contributions.



Guiding Principles

Pro-Israel America believes:

-We have a moral and humanitarian imperative to strengthen the U.S.–Israel relationship. Israel is the sovereign homeland of the Jewish people, providing both a refuge from persecution and the sole opportunity for Jewish national self-determination.

-We have an economic and strategic imperative to bolster the alliance between America and Israel. America’s close alliance with Israel, built over decades on the bedrock of shared values, provides significant benefits to both countries.

-The U.S.–Israel relationship should never be taken for granted. Electing pro-Israel candidates to the United States Congress plays an essential role in strengthening the dynamic bond between our countries.

-Israel is a force for good in the world, providing humanitarian aid globally and developing new technologies to heal the sick, feed the poor, and protect the environment, among many others.

-Israel is a functioning democracy, where diverse opinions compete actively in the marketplace of ideas.  Our role is not to determine the outcome of such debates nor impose solutions on Israel, but rather to ensure Israel remains safe so its people can make the often-tough decisions about peace and security.

-Israelis, Palestinians and the countries of the region should negotiate directly with each other to find both short- and long-term solutions to conflict, recognizing each other as essential partners in a future peace.



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