100 Days of Captivity

January 14, 2024

100 days of captivity. We will never be the same since the tragedy of October 7th but for many of us, 100 days later, life has largely gone on. We’ve gone to work, gone to school, celebrated birthdays and holidays.  We’ve slept in our beds, ate meals with our families, seen the doctor if we are sick, gotten our regular hair cuts, attended events and meetings and the list continues.  It’s hard to fathom that since October 7th, there are thousands of Israelis who have had no such privilege. Some are displaced from their homes, many are fighting on the front lines but 132 cherished souls are still being held hostage by terrorists, pawns in a war waged against their people.

The 100-day milestone is one we had hoped never to reach. Each passing day heightens the urgency for the return of all hostages. There have been incredible efforts made to keep this important issue front of mind.  Freedom dogs can be purchased by making a donation to  #BringThemHomeNow.  The family of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a 23 year old American-Israel taken hostage, has asked us to share their family’s burden by taping the number 100 above our hearts.  You can participate in solidarity marches happening across the country, say personal prayers, wear a ribbon as celebrities and entertainment executives are doing on the red carpet.  Whichever symbolic form of remembrance you choose, today, the 100th day of captivity, keep our brothers and sisters in the forefront of your thoughts, your conversations and your activism efforts. With every passing day, our hearts ache for their return.

– Samantha Garelick, Pro-Israel America Executive Director