The U.S.-Israel Relationship is more important than ever.

Pro-Israel America United continues to change the political landscape surrounding the U.S.-Israel relationship. Grassroots supporters like you deserve all the credit for our accomplishments.


What will you do to show your support?


Mission Statement

Pro-Israel America United works to strengthen support for the U.S.-Israel relationship by independently:

Advocating for bipartisan policies that strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship through our network of grassroots supporters;

Educating voters and lawmakers about pro-Israel policies and opportunities to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship; and

Educating the public about where candidates stand on these critical issues.

What They’re Saying


America’s relationship with Israel is good for America and good for Israel. This alliance is historic and valuable, and American citizens have every right – I’d say they have a duty – to let their support for the U.S.–Israel relationship be known. Pro-Israel America is a great way for pro-Israel Americans to get involved politically.

– Former Chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security Joe Lieberman (D-CT)

Americans from all walks of life support our mutual bonds with Israel. As a lifelong advocate for a close U.S. – Israel relationship, I welcome Pro-Israel America’s efforts to strengthen and deepen congressional support on both sides of the aisle for America’s alliance with the Jewish state. I look forward to our working together.

– Former Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)

Americans across the country support our close ties with Israel, one of our most important allies. Pro-Israel America will help ensure our alliance stays vibrant by providing tools online that enable more people to learn about pro-Israel candidates and show their support.

– Former Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA)

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