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Tablet Magazine

How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers – By Abraham Wyner

Bipartisan House Leaders Stand with Families to Call for Hostages’ Return

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Israel Story: Shai Davidai – Assistant Professor at Columbia University, an unlikely public defender of Israel.

Jewish Insider

Israel critics in Congress are ‘playing into the hands of Hamas,’ Rep. Ritchie Torres says

The Telegraph

Inside the grief retreat helping bereaved families

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Nova Exhibit coming to New York

New York Times

Sexual Abuse by the Hands of Hamas

USA Today

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Believe Survivors Who Tell the Story of Hamas’ Sexual Violence

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Ofri Bibas OpEd

via Time Magazine

The New Antisemitism

Ayelet Samerano bravely stood in front of the UN. She demands justice for the murder of her son, Yonatan, 21, whose body was kidnapped to Gaza by a UNRWA employee. #ReplaceUNRWA


Rep. Steny Hoyer on How UN Anti-Israel Bias Emboldened Hamas

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The Fight Against Antisemitism Reaches the Super Bowl

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A Message From Arab IDF Soldiers: “We Are a United Nation”

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Michael Rapaport Stars in Campaign to Bring Hostages Home

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“I Defend Myself, Therefore I Am” Speech by Herbert Pagani

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Ben Gleib and Eylon Levy Dispel the Anti-Israel Narrative

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Montana Tucker takes a stand for Israel at the Grammy’s

The Hollywood Reporter

Grammys Pay Tribute to Supernova Music Festival Massacre Victims

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We Are Not OK Music Video

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Live2Tell – Sharing the Stories of Survivors

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New Voices are Speaking Up Against Antisemitism!

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“Call Me Back” Is the Jewish “Golden Age” Over?

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Global Demonstrations Call for Return of Israeli Hostages

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Israeli Soccer Player Dedicates Goal to Hostages Despite Facing Arrest

Jerusalem Post

Freed Hostage Joins New York Leaders in Call to Bring Hostages Home

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Women Leaders Shed Light on Hamas’ Sexual Violence, Call for Hostages’ Return

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Meets with Families of New Yorkers Held Hostage by Hamas

The Wrap

Over 260 Leading Celebrities Call on Motion Picture Academy to Include Jews in Representation and Inclusion Standards

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Chelsea Handler and Noa Tishby Discuss Misinformation, Being Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Hamas

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A Much-Needed History Lesson for People Chanting “From the River to the Sea”

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Speaks on the Rise of Antisemitism in America

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U.S. Ambassador Jack Lew Joins Families of Hostages to Light a Candle for Each Remaining Hostage on the First Night of Hanukkah

Gainesville Sun

Ben Sasse Shows University Leaders How to Respond to Terror and Antisemitism

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Dana Bash Holds Rep. Pramila Jayapal Accountable for Comments Excusing Hamas’ Mass Rape of Israeli Women

Jerusalem Post

Son of Hamas Leader: Why is the World Blaming Israel for Hamas’ Crimes?

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Rep. Ritchie Torres Rejects Antisemitic Claim by Rep. Thomas Massie that Americans Can’t Be Patriotic and Support Israel

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Rep. Michael McCaul Speaks on the Horrors of Hamas Attacks

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Rep. Elise Stefanik Goes After Campus Presidents Who Refuse to Say Whether Calling for the Genocide of Jews is Against Policy

Times of Israel

Gaza Hospital Director: Hamas Used Hospitals As Military Base

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Hamas Tunnel Exits Just Feet Away From Humanitarian Crossing

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#ImThatJew: Jewish Pride in the Face of Hate

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Israeli Doctors Speak Out on the Horrors Children Were Exposed to in Hamas Captivity

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Stand Up to Jewish Hate: When One Hate Rises, They All Do

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The Double Standard When Israel Defends Itself


What is Zionism? A Clear Definition to Push Back Against Those Who Distort Its Meaning

Times of Israel

“May God take revenge upon Hamas”: Gazans Criticize Hamas For War, Stealing Humanitarian Supplies

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Eretz Nehederet Satirizes UN Women’s Investigation Into Hamas’ Gender Based Violence 

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Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries Speaks Out For Israel and Against Antisemitism at the March for Israel

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Majority Leader Steve Scalise: Republicans Stand Unequivocally with Israel

Women’s Rights Leaders Speak Out

Women’s Rights Leaders Condemn Hamas’ Rape Atrocities


JewBelong Signs For When You Need a Voice to Call Out Antisemitism

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Eretz Nehederet: The Hogwarts Code of Conduct


Join ADL to Call on Leaders to End Campus Antisemitism

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MeTooUnlessURaJew: Global Call for International Women’s Organizations to Stand Up for All Women


Sheryl Sandberg Condemns Hamas’ Brutal Acts of Rape and Sexual Violence Against Israeli Women in UN Speech


Ask Herzl: Resources for Educators About Israel from Jewish National Fund

10/7 Project

10/7 Project: Keep Up to Date with Accurate, Unbiased Coverage on Israel

Stand With Us

#BringThemHomeNow: Demand Hamas Release All Civilian Hostages

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