Bring Them Home Now

February 7, 2024

Today marks a sobering milestone – four months since Israel changed forever.  Four months since the horrific massacre, four months since innocent civilians were abducted into Gaza by Hamas and four months since the IDF has been battling for its homeland. As we reflect on this grim reality, our hearts ache for the hostages and their families enduring unimaginable suffering. The distress is palpable. Each passing day brings with it a renewed sense of despair and uncertainty and yet we must hold on to tiny slivers of hope. As supporters of Israel and champions of human rights, we cannot remain silent. Every speech, public comment, and social media post carries weight in amplifying their plight. I urge you to join me in expressing gratitude to the remarkable leaders in Washington who have raised their voices and shared these hostage stories on Capitol Hill. Their advocacy is invaluable in keeping this urgent issue in the spotlight. Let us unite in the hope that more and more members of Congress will heed the call to action and stand up to ensure the safe return of the hostages. Together, let’s work tirelessly to bring them home now.

– Samantha Garelick, Pro-Israel America Executive Director