Andy Barr


Andy Barr has been representing Lexington, Kentucky since 2012.  He serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he supports legislation to restrain Iran’s unmanned military drone program.  He believes in exerting pressure on Iran through sanctions.  Barr backed a resolution rejecting harmful BDS.  In 2015 he voted in opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  

“Israel is fully justified to pursue terrorists in Gaza to defend its own national security, deter further rocket and missile strikes and incursions into its borders, and bring to justice those who have carried out these brutal and murderous attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. As Israel takes needed action over the next weeks and perhaps months to root out terrorists in Gaza, the United States and the entire civilized world must stand resolute in support of Israel to defeat the perpetrators of this bloodbath. Hamas and the cowardly mullahs in Tehran who support them can never be given the incentive to repeat these atrocities ever again.” - Congressman Barr