Greg Landsman


Congressman Greg Landsmen is a freshman representative of Ohio’s First Congressional District, Cincinnati. Known for working across the aisle in bipartisan coalitions, Rep. Landsman is on the Abraham Accords Caucus. A Jewish member of Congress, Rep. Landsmen has emerged as a leader in the US-Israel relationship and cosponsored legislation that sanctions foreign ports and refineries that process Iranian petroleum, and a bill that extends restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program. 

“One of the things that I have been advocating for well before Oct. 7 Is for folks to appreciate the fragility of the Jewish state of Israel. Hamas in Gaza, Islamic Jihad and others in the West Bank, Hezbollah — Israel is this very small country, and it’s surrounded by [groups] that have absolutely set out to eliminate Israel. That’s what they want. …there is a fragility here that you should take into account. The success of American democracy isn’t inevitable. But we would lose our democracy in the course of years, if not decades. Israel could be gone in minutes.” - Congressman Greg Landsmen