John Carter


Congressman John Carter has been a resolute supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship throughout his eleven terms representing Texas’ 31st Congressional District. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, and the Defense Subcommittee, Rep. Carter has consistently used his position to support measures that strengthen the security and diplomatic ties between the United States and Israel. Rep. Carter has been proactive in addressing threats to Israel's security, such as supporting a bill aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring unmanned drones. He previously cosponsored HR 834 urging the EU to designate Hizbollah a terrorist organization. Rep. Carter also opposing the Iran Deal in 2015. 

“Iran has vowed to commit genocide against Israel, and has defied international law and United Nations resolutions to pursue acquisition of a functional nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it. This grants Israel a perfect right to undertake pre-emptive military action, and the United States Congress should pledge our support in advance for that action.” - Congressman John Carter