Lizzie Fletcher


Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher represents Texas’ Seventh Congressional District in the greater Houston area. In the 118th Congress, Congresswoman Fletcher serves on the House Committee on Energy & Commerce and is a leader of key caucuses, including the New Democrat Coalition, where she Chairs its Trade Task Force; the Pro-Choice Caucus, where she serves as the Whip; and the Equality Caucus, where she is a Vice Chair.

“The United States and Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, have a special relationship. Since Hamas’ brutal attack on October 7, I have supported Israel’s right to respond to terror, to defend itself against present and future threats from Hamas, and to exist as a Jewish, Democratic state.  I have and will continue to support efforts to provide security assistance to Israel and humanitarian assistance to those suffering and in harm’s way in Israel, in Gaza, and in the region.  And I will continue to do so.” - Congresswoman Fletcher